Building Strong Patient Relationships

Wouldn’t you like your patients to perceive you as an outstanding doctor?

If so, then this message couldn’t be more urgent.

In the next few minutes, we’ll explain how you can:

  • Build strong rapport with patients quickly
  • Gain your patient’s respect
  • Lead patient interaction
  • Facilitate open, productive patient dialogue
  • Avoid relationship-stopping gaffes
  • Achieve breakthrough in patient understanding and acceptance

The Building Strong Patient Relationships course covers every aspect of building effective patient relationships and delivering a good patient experience every time.

Imagine rapport so strong your patients openly share important clinical information, regardless of how embarrassing or personal.

Consider the value of patients who actually speak up when they don’t understand or agree with something you are saying.

And how great would it be if your patients refused to litigate despite a medical complication or even an error?

These scenarios are possible, but you need to know how.

The Building Strong Patient Relationships course can teach you these techniques and more.

The Building Strong Patient Relationships course demonstrates how to:

  • Create a good first impression
  • Understand the patient’s expectations of a “good” encounter
  • Ensure a good patient experience
  • Achieve structure (and why it’s so important)
  • Verify you and your patient are “on the same page”
  • Adapt your approach to meet the patient’s style
  • Use silence effectively
  • Incorporate more meaningful words
  • Apply appropriate humor
  • Avoid certain behaviors
  • And more

This course is unlike any other you’ve completed on patient communication because:

1) It doesn’t focus only on one researched approach. Research from nearly 50 published papers is drawn upon to bring together proven techniques to build strong patient relationships. You can use these techniques with confidence, knowing other doctors have used them effectively across many patient and medical scenarios.

2) It is available online, so you can learn how to deliver an outstanding patient experience at a time and place that suits you, and as your time permits.

3) It highlights the importance of building strong patient relationships and better health outcomes, sharing examples of medical malpractice cases or complaints so you can better grasp why things go wrong and how to avoid these situations.

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